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When it comes to skill, education and the creativity to bring imaginative spaces to life, the collaborative team (the Collaboration) of Five-Ten Architecture + Design, the Martinez Design Group and Lisa D. Martinez Design + B Constructiv have it all. As artists, architects, designers and contractors, our collaboration has created a design, development and construction organization dedicated to the unique art and culture of our home, Northern New Mexico. Our interest in the natural beauty of our landscape and quality of light in the high desert is fundamental to our design roots, a relationship with the natural environment is key. This not only means focusing on the view but enlivening spaces by manipulating the relationship between indoor/outdoor spaces and how they interact.

The partners of the Collaboration have a long and diverse background and are well-versed in all aspects of design, development and construction processes. With over 80 years’ combined expertise and our network of consultants we are confident our expertise places us in a unique position to support our clients as we imagine, design and build commercial, residential and outdoor spaces.

Our latest project, the State Employees Credit Union Mortgage and Commercial Center, will open in the Spring of 2023. The design team includes Father and Son Team: Daniel J. Martinez, Architect, Five-Ten Architecture + Design, Co-Designer Louis Martinez, of the Martinez Design Group, and Lisa D. Martinez, Co-Designer and Construction Project Manager, Lisa D. Martinez Design LLC + B Constructiv LLC. 

The partners of the Collaboration remain to help clients build timeless spaces filled by light, shape, and color. Our clients have come to us from New Mexico, Texas, California as well as other parts of the country seeking our Northern New Mexico, Santa Fe and Contemporary style designs. 

A few examples of our collaboration:

Completed 2023

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To Be Completed 2024

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Construction Document Phase

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B Fit Rx Studio

Completed 2022

Completed 2022

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Design Phase

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